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The first MST: Heart Burns (But Tears Do More Damage)

 The first MST presents you with Bella, a teenager who is abused (obviously, she's a Mary Sue) but Sylar comes to her rescue... too bad.

Nathan: I see we're beginning with an easy one... at least, I hope.
Peter: Mary-Sue SylarOC Fic? I don't see it as particularly easy.
Nathan: At least the grammar's good.
Niki: Why do we have to do this?
Sylar: Yeah, why?
Matt: It seems it's part of the job.
Others: Oh man...

“That’s right! Get your little bitch self out of my house! You better run!”

Claire: This man must've met Jackie.

A slam of a door as one devastated young girl escapes her house.

Peter: Aand, cue Evanescence.
Hiro: (They're not Emo! They do Rock music! Damn Emo brats...)

Salty tears swell in Isabella’s eyes.

Nathan: Swell?

She loses the battle of keeping them at bay, and the tears boil over.

Sylar: Boil?

They scorch her face, burning her flesh.

Matt: Scorching tears? That's one useless power.
Others: *laugh at the image of a tweenage girl crying on her enemies to kill them*

Redemption from the pain comes when she whips away the tears, and lets go of her anger.

Niki: And leaves her pomposity at home.

The man yelling at Isabella was her father, Sean.

Nathan: But what Mary!Sue fic would this be without Abusive Parents, usually Fathers?

She lived with him and her step mom.

Sylar: I don't think that it'd made any difference if I ate her brain, because it's clear she's not using it.

Her real mom, Topanga, died when Isabella was only 12.

Isaac: Topanga? What kind of a name is THAT?
Peter: It was the name of a character on that 'Boy Meets World' show. And was stupid even then.

It was cancer that took Topanga away from her.

Mohinder: It threw her on its back and took her away.

Isabella, or Bella as she’s more commonly know, was a senior in high school, ready to go off on her own.

Ando: (Wait, wasn't she 12?)

She thought she could last till the end of the school year, but her father was making that almost impossible.

Peter: He was forcing her to study!

He seemed aware of the fact Bella would be leaving and he wanted to get as much abuse in as he could.

D.L.: Did he work out a schedule?

Sean was your typical abusive father. He took out all of his anger on his daughter, with the help of alcohol.

Hiro: (Wait, what? Alcohol suddenly has a mind of its own?)

He hit her in spots no on would see, like her back and stomach.

Niki: Huh. I want to hit you too.

Afraid of what Sean would do if he found out she told anyone, Bella kept her lips sealed shut.

Isaac: With Superglue!

She didn’t have many people to tell anyway. She was a very shy quiet person, who didn’t easily open up.

Niki: Leave her to me. I'll open her up just fine.
Nathan: Jessica... please. She doesn't exist. Calm down.

She only had school friends, none of which would talk to her outside of school.

Claire: Humm... why would they do that? Maybe because she's a pompous bitch?

Her mother’s death had attributed to her introverted-ness.

Hiro: (Way to hammer the point! And, it's 'contributed'!)

With her mother gone, and a father who was beginning to show signs of being abusive,

Sylar: 'Beginning'?

Bella learned that she had to rely on only herself.

Nathan: Translation, she was screwed.

Bella walked around her neighborhood a couple of times, just letting her feet carry her wherever they felt necessary.

Niki: What about a graveyard?
Nathan: Jessica...

She took many deep breaths, trying to calm herself.

Peter: Good luck with that.

In a few months she would be off at college, finally living her life without fear. As she walked she began to notice how everything seemed surreal, but somehow very peaceful.

Matt: Jesus Christ, can this Wangst writer go any more astray?

She let the wind blow through her long, straight black hair.

Mohinder: Is anyone else imagining Morticia Addams at 18?
All: *raise hands*

The gentle breeze relaxed her even more. It was as if her mother’s essence was in that wind, gently soothing her. Bella started to make her way back to her house when a sudden surge of anger filled Bella.

Claire: She was angry the world didn't revolve around her, I think.

She had just thought about her step mother, Trixie. Trixie, with short, curly blonde hair, retard of a step mother, who saw the Sean doing these horrible things to her and not saying a word.

All: *collective YAWN*

Bella wiped more tears from her eyes and started walking away from her house, back around the block. Bella’s real mom would have stood up for her. Topanga would have saved her.

All: *play the World's smallest violin, just for Bella*

Bella took two more laps around the neighborhood, trying to forgive Trixie for her lack of courage. Finally Bella turned back toward her house and took a deep breath. Hopefully her father had passed out from the alcohol by now, or at least found himself something else to do. If he confronted her again, she just decided now, she was going to stand up for herself. After all, she could not be killed.

Niki: Oh yeah? Just try me.
Nathan: JESSICA!

Bella walked the path to her front door with caution. She immediately knew something was wrong. The door was wide open, swinging on its hinges in the breeze. She walked to the door, and stopped right before she went inside. After seeing what was in the house, she wasn’t sure she should go in.

Sylar: From what I managed to read, the one who shouldn't have gone in is me.

“Oh my God.” She whispered to herself and tried to remain unknown.

Peter: No problem there.

Trixie was leaning on the wall across from the stairs, with a dead look on her face, maybe because the top of her head was missing. Blood was on the wall behind her. In front of Trixie was Sean and a man standing over Sean. He had one hand holding up Sean, who was hanging in his hand like a rag doll, and the other hand he was pointing his index finger at Sean’s head. There was a red circle appearing on Sean’s forehead, which began to drip down his face. Seconds later, the top of Sean’s head fell off.

Sylar: Crap, it's me.

Bella was too terrified to move or to call for help. Here was a man killing her father, and she knew she didn’t feel the proper sadness one should feel.

Nathan: THAT'S what she's scared of?

A small gasp escaped her lips as Sean collapsed onto the floor right next to his dearly beloved. That’s when the man, the murder,

Sylar: Yes, indeed, I am a murder.

looked up to the doorway. He stared at Bella with a blank face, then his mouth formed an undeniable smile.

“Hello Bella.”

Peter: Aand, SCENE!
Nathan: Thank God. I was beginning to feel sick. Not bad for a first try, though, wasn't it?

Peter: Erm... Nathan? There are more chapters of this dreck.
Nathan: *rolls eyes* *faints*
Peter: *kneels to Nathan* Uh... Nathan?

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