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Heroes Mystery Science Theatre.
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Fighting Against The WORST Heroes Fanfic Since 2007.
The more popular a show becomes, the bigger the number of terrible fanfiction written about it is.

The Heroes Fandom, sadly, is no exception. But with the MST treatment, that dreck could be converted into something quite good.

What is MST, you ask?

Well, MST stands for Mystery Science Theatre, from the Comedy Central/SciFi series Mystery Science Thatre 3000 (MST3K for friends) in which a man and two robots, trapped in a spaceship, made fun of very bad films, and it works like this:

Amanda was afraid as she didn't know what to do; should she run? Should she stay?

Niki: Should she commit suicide?

Then she ended up making the right choice, as she always did.

Niki: Suicide it is, then.

Rules for the community.

1. Even though you think they don't deserve it, try to omit the Author's name and the title of the story to 'protect the guilty', so to speak. Also, do not give the Authors of the original work the link to this community. You don't let your enemies on on your plans to fight them.

2. Watch your own spelling and grammar. The clearer it is, the funnier it is. Besides, it would be really embarrassing to make in the MST the same mistakes the Fanfic writers have made, wouldn't it?

3. Be funny. Try to be in character while MSTing.

4. Try and use some sort of style to distinguish the MST from the fic (bolding, different color, italics, ecc.)


This said, welcome and have fun!